Synthetic Lubricants

Our research and development department finalized, thanks to a drastic selection of a high quality raw materials, a very high-perfomance synthetic range of lubricants which fluidity allows to decrease strongly the operating costs.


  • Reduction of the breakdowns and increase of the life expectancy of the equipment.Decrease of the wear to 30 percents immediate lubrication when you start up, coat of resistant oil under strong load and high temperatures of functioning.
  • Spacing of the operation of maintenance. Increase of the intervals of draining : maximum spacing authorized by the builders according to the conditions of the department.Exceptional chemical stability, reduction of the supplements.
  • Economy of the fuel and improvement of the efficiency.Fall of the consumption of fuel to about 5 percents thanks to the reduction of the frictions and  the lesser resistance of the movements of mechanicals organs.
  • Protection of the environment. Decrease of the emissions of particles in the escape. Exceptional Thermal stability and low volatility.