Public Works

To expand its range “Public works” YORK has incorporated the existing constraints which are subject to Public Works contractors:

A highly competitive economic environment
that requires the use of materials more:

  • specific and efficient
  • reliable
  • available (maintenance and draining intervals)
  • economic


Severe operating conditions :

  • highly variable temperatures (-30 ° C / 40 ° C)
  • intensive use
  • very large loads
  • complex atmosphere (dust, humidity)


Unavoidable environmental constraints


Technological and legal context developments:

  • emissions standards (Tier Euromot, Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 …)
  • new fuel (Diesel GNR Not for Road)


The range YORK “Public works” is mainly composed of SLV and BIO lubricants which enable:

  • a reduction of breakdowns and an increase in terms of equipment life time.
  • Spacing of maintenance and draining operations.
  • fuel savings and performance improvement.

Environmental Protection