Research and development : R & D

York SAS has an ultra-modern laboratory of research / development for:


  • Design and development of always more innovative lubricants
  • The permanent quality control of all raw materials and finished products


With its highly sophisticated devices, York SAS can test the performance of its oil and greases from -80 ° C to 300 ° C.


In terms of R&D, the focus is set on designing products which improve the energy performances (range SLV) and contributing to the preservation of the environment (Organic/Bio range).


  • Improved quality for better performances: our researchers are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and searching the most efficient base oils and additives to optimize the conception of our  lubricants: “Quality is economy
  • Creativity and inventiveness to serve the environment: our lubricants are designed with the constant concern of leaving an environmental footprint as small as possible.


More partners than provider, the customer is systematically integrated into our research process to develop tomorrow’s lubricants.